All about me :) 


Hi, I am Jo, owner of Paw & Order Noosa.

I have always been a huge animal lover, especially dogs.

My interest in Canine Communication began 15 years ago

when I took on a puppy for Guide Dogs. Since then I have

looked into various styles of dog training. For the last 3 years

I have been a Foster Mum for an Assistance Dogs organisation

and take great pride in the successful placement of 4 of these pups.


During this time I have been studying with English company Canine Principles. I have an Advanced Certificate in Canine Reactive Behaviour and a Diploma in Canine Communication. I also have attained certificates in Animal Health and Animal Behaviour from ACS Distance Education. As a Canine Behaviour professional it is important to be 

constantly keeping up with the latest in scientific research and studies. To date I have 

amassed hundreds of continued education hours.

I am also delighted to have been selected to work with Whiskeys Wish  - a wonderful organisation which helps War Veterans, First Responders and Prison staff who suffer

from PTSD. Most recipients already have their own dog, and it is our job to help

person and dog achieve the skills necessary to become fully qualified service dogs.

As trainers we are sometimes asked to assess dogs for suitability, but mostly we do

training sessions with recipients and their dogs. As Service dogs for people with PTSD,

the skills they need to learn are many and varied depending on the recipients needs.

I do not want to train your dog!!!! My goal is to educate dog owners in canine communication, learn what your dog is saying by using his body language and

signals. My methods are no force, positive reinforcement and scientific research

based. At Paw & Order Noosa we do not use any aversive methods or equipment.



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