We Love What We Do!

At Paw and Order Noosa we want to see

happy dogs living in happy homes.

  • Is your dog destructive?

  • Does your dog bark a lot?

  • Are you worried that you cannot trust your dog around other dogs?


  • Does your dog pee or poo in the house?


  • Are you worried that you cannot trust your dog around children?


  • Does your dog come when he is called?


  • Does your dog steal food?


  • Does your dog take YOU for a walk?


  • Does your dog show obsessive, compulsive behaviours?


These are just a few problems that dog parents encounter. Paw and Order Noosa can help with all these issues and more. We do not offer a quick fix….we value your dog and we want to help your dog navigate their way through this big overwhelming world in the gentlest way possible. The good news is that scientific research proves that dogs trained in a positive reinforcement, no force manner maintain their good behaviour for life.

Here at Paw and Order Noosa we offer ongoing dog behaviour therapy and owner support programmes.  My role is to give owners advice and support on your journey to improve your dogs behaviour via the following options



$150.00 initial consultation

This is a 1 to 1 consultation in your home for 90 minutes.

We will discuss everything puppy from how and when to feed, toilet

training, teething tips to how to avoid those sharp little teeth.

This consultation will also include email and hard copy resources (only

available through a Pet Professional) to help you with  your new furry one.


This consultation is in no way a replacement for puppy socialisation

classes and can be a follow up to a Puppy preschool usually held at

Veterinary practices.




$220.00 per month

1 to 1 private coaching

2 sessions per month

45 minute sessions

Minimum of 2 months sign up

You will also receive ongoing support via emails and other resources




You will receive some forms to fill out regarding your dog and their issues.

Return completed forms 48 hours prior to consultation.

Initial consultation is $150.00

A 1 to 1 private consultation in your home

90 minutes in duration.




$380.00 per month

1 to 1 coaching in home or outdoor sessions for dogs who have advanced to that stage.

4 sessions per month. Weekly visits, 60 minute duration.

Minimum of 2 month sign up.

Ongoing support via email and hard copy resources only available through a Pet Professional.

For the dogs who need more assistance this programme can be extended for another 2 months.




Ongoing support via email after the premium package.

Supply of relevant resources in the form of PDf’S or videos.

$50 per month

These resources are the most up to date and science based information available and only accessible to Pet Professionals.

And if you have a good friend or family member that you would like to support in their quest to understand their pup Gift Vouchers are also available.  Just call or message Jo for details

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