We Love What We Do!

At Paw and Order Noosa we want to see

happy dogs living in happy homes.

  • Is your dog destructive?

  • Does your dog bark a lot?

  • Are you worried that you cannot trust your dog around other dogs?


  • Does your dog pee or poo in the house?


  • Are you worried that you cannot trust your dog around children?


  • Does your dog come when he is called?


  • Does your dog steal food?


  • Does your dog take YOU for a walk?


  • Does your dog show obsessive, compulsive behaviours?


The behaviour we most likely see in dogs is natural dog behaviour.


Unfortunately, some of these behaviours are incompatible with coexisting with humans.

That is where behaviour modification is necessary. At Paw & Order Noosa we emphasise the word modification. We do not stop behaviour, we just change it to a behaviour that works for both human and dog.


Every dog is an individual as is the home that they live in. There is no magic wand for behaviour modification and the time it may take will vary. Paw & Order Noosa offers programs that will give you, the pet parent, long term support.

I am very proud to introduce my new



Rethinking Reactivity Program


Open this PDF for all the details of this fantastic new program which has been created by myself and some of the best trainers in the U.K and the U.S.A

This program is mainly on line. Research has shown that especially with reactive dogs,

the client does not retain all the information offered, due to the distraction of the dog.

The program contains over 100 short videos, handouts and workbooks for you to work


A private Facebook community group has been created for all who purchase the 

program. I will personally jump in live once a week for a Q & A session but will check in

regularly to look at your posts. This is a great platform for those of you who struggle

with a reactive dog to meet others with the same issue. 

You can literally have a trainer in your pocket with this program. As you go through

the weekly classes I am available through text or email any day of the week.

This program has a VIP component which is on offer to those who live in the Noosa

local area. The VIP program includes 5 in person visits from myself during our

10 week course. 

 am happy to announce my new bespoke PUPPY PROGRAM

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