We Love What We Do!

At Paw and Order Noosa we want to see

happy dogs living in happy homes.

  • Is your dog destructive?

  • Does your dog bark a lot?

  • Are you worried that you cannot trust your dog around other dogs?


  • Does your dog pee or poo in the house?


  • Are you worried that you cannot trust your dog around children?


  • Does your dog come when he is called?


  • Does your dog steal food?


  • Does your dog take YOU for a walk?


  • Does your dog show obsessive, compulsive behaviours?


These are just a few problems that dog parents encounter. Paw and Order Noosa can help with all these issues and more. We do not offer a quick fix….we value your dog and we want to help your dog navigate their way through this big overwhelming world in the gentlest way possible. The good news is that scientific research proves that dogs trained in a positive reinforcement, no force manner maintain their good behaviour for life.


  • Bringing home a new puppy?

Why not start learning about their communication from the beginning.  Form a respectful and trusting relationship from day 1.


  • Are you adopting a rescue dog?

Paw and Order Noosa can help the transition into a new home easier. Once you can understand your new dog the better your future relationship will be. Rescue dogs can arrive confused and afraid. We can show you how to deal with reactive behaviour in a gentle and positive manner.


Paw and Order are devoted to creating happy, positive relationships between dogs and their families.



What will your experience look like?


Once you have made contact with Paw and Order Noosa via social media, email or phone you will receive some forms via email. These forms are to be filled out by you and sent back to us. An evaluation will then be done from the information we receive. This negates the need to waste your time sitting around on our first consultation gathering information.

Next, we will meet you and your furry loved one at home. Your home is the most comfortable environment for your dog and the most accurate way to evaluate their behaviour.

You can decide after this visit whether you would like more consultations. At this stage we can talk about how many sessions your pal may need and we will work out a payment schedule.



With One on One personal consultations no longer restricted we are introducing a Special Package Deal to celebrate life slowly returning to normal. For a limited time one off consultations will remain at just $95,  $180.00 for a booking of 2, or $255.00 for 3 sessions. Ongoing sessions negotiable  


Skype or Facetime consultations are also still available for Dog Guardians from further afield, and when you sign up and pay for for 3 sessions and then your 4th one is FREE!  Total package cost just $120.


In all cases, both face to face and online, your precious learning time is maximised as I will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire prior to the consultation. This will ensure I have an initial understanding of what you want to achieve from our time together so that no time is wasted. Each session includes an hour long online consultation, together with a follow up word document explaining everything covered in the consultation, plus Videos, links and handouts where relevant to any issues discussed.

Furthermore I am happy to keep working with you via text or email regarding any issues after completion of your booked sessions  - Call or message me to learn more!

And if you have a good friend or family member that you would like to support in their quest to understand their pup Gift Vouchers are also available.  Just call or message Jo for details





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