I'm Bored Mum . . . .

Most often the root cause of a destructive dog's behaviour is quite simply boredom. Enrichment is basically activities that literally enrich your dogs life by stimulating the brain.

Pictured here is a #snufflemat. Or you could freeze food in their #kongs. Freeze some treats and water in a container and tip out for them. #antlers and #goat horns are available at pet store and are good for their teeth as well as being a wonderful long lasting chew "toy".

Or you could try hiding treats around the house or yard. Play #hideandseek by hiding yourself or their favourite toy.

#sniffwalk .... take your dog out unleashed or on a long leash and let them use their nose. This is Facebook for dogs, allowing them to know what is happening in their environment.

Teach them some tricks..... high 5, spin around, roll over and more. Still unsure? Contact me

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