Updated: Jun 3, 2020

With so many homes welcoming new puppies during the Covid 19 pandemic its important to know how to care for them.

Most of us are unaware that too much exercise is dangerous for little bodies.

Too much exercise of any kind especially high intensity exercise or play is damaging to a puppies growth plates. This can cause life long disability.

Very curious puppies want to explore the world but at this age they do not know when to stop, its our job to monitor this and make sure puppy is getting enough rest too.

Pups still have very delicate pads on the bottom of their paws. Over exercising on hard surfaces likes cement or bitumen can shred and tear this soft skin causing bleeding and pain for little puppies.

Many people think that a long walk or endless chasing after the ball will tire the puppy out, well quite the opposite is true. Too much exercise will cause over stimulation, yes puppy might literally collapse after a session of this kind but he will be up again shortly and like an over tired, over stimulated toddler you are certainly going to know about it. Unwanted behaviours such as barking, whining, digging, chewing the furniture and YOU are some behaviours that might occur. Its important to remember though these are perfectly normal dog behaviours, its just us humans that have a problem with them.

If you would like to tire your pup out or just want to give him a well balanced day then some mental enrichment will do the trick.

Ditch the food bowl: put puppy's food in a kong toy, or scatter his dry food on the lawn and let him sniff it out. Snuffle mats and Licki Mats are a great way for puppy to use his brain. Check our drop down shop button on this site for some more great enrichment activities.

The general rule for how much exercise a puppy needs is 5 minutes per month of age (twice a day maximum) eg: 15 minutes for a 3 month old pup up to twice a day is enough, though of course this will depend on the breed, health and personality of your pup. For more information on exercise and any other dog related issues please contact me and we can organise a session.

In the mean time enjoy your lovely little puppies, they grow so fast.

Remember they are PART of our lives but we are their WHOLE life.

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